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Fashion Meets Fitness: Apparel

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Whether you're hitting the gym, running errands or just hanging out, it is always acceptable to find styles that you feel comfortable and proud to wear. With athleisure as popular as it is, there are so many great places to find styles you will love to wear depending on your budget. Here are a few of my favorite brands and features in activewear styles. Happy shopping!

Some of my favorite brands for working out depending on your price point include:


Old Navy Active: I have found their styles to be an overall great fit and quality for the price.


Fabletics: I love the fabrics and patterns they use. They are constantly adding new offerings.


Lululemon: I try to check out the "We Made Too Much" section to find some good deals.

Features I look for in activewear styles:

Tops: Breathability is a huge feature for me when shopping for tops. There are so many ways to achieve breathability including: cut-outs, burnout patterns, vents, or just a great lightweight fabric.

Bottoms: Pockets are a feature I really appreciate right now. With small kids, I need my hands to be free as much as possible. Having pockets allows for me to stick my phone, card, money, key, or whatever I may need to, inside for safe keeping.

Shoes: Lightweight and good padding. As I have mentioned in previous posts, shin splints are something I struggle with, so a good shoe is important regardless of the activity.

*It is important to look at the washing instructions on items before your purchase. Personally, I do not want to have one or two items with special instructions. I prefer to be able to throw everything in the washing/drying machine together and get on with my day. Others do not mind hand washing, laying flat to dry, etc. Be sure to choose what works best for you before you purchase!

Until next time! 😘

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