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Make-Up: Invest vs. Budget

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

If you are anything like me, you have two sets of make-up ... your:

1. "date night/party/I care what I look like" make-up

2. "running errands/I don't want to embarrass my family by not wearing make-up, but I am not wasting my expensive make-up on this" make-up


I have never been a big make-up guru and definitely am not going to claim to be super knowledgeable in the area, but I have found some items I really love to wear in both of these categories.

Once upon a time, I had great skin ... ohhh take me back 😩 ... but ever since I had kids, I gained what is called melasma or a "pregnancy mask". This is where you get dark spots on your skin in the following areas after being in the sun:




-upper lip

Is there anywhere else left on the face?! 😑

The "experts" say to put extra sunscreen on, wear a hat, and basically just cover up that face as best as possible ... which I really do! But, the sun and I are dear, dear friends and it always finds a way to unite with me. Because of this, I have spent a lot of time looking for a concealer/foundation that will hide these darker spots as best as possible. My issue is that I am a pretty lazy "make-up artist", if you will, so I am the kind of user that needs an all-in-one, simple-to-apply item.

When I was in middle school, my mom took me and two friends to the beach for my birthday. Make-up was not a huge deal in middle school when I was growing up. We were really just starting to dabble in the category by 8th grade. Well, on my big birthday bash trip, one of my friends had an eyelash curler. Oh how great my lashes used to be ... but unfortunately her curler was missing that rubber piece and when I went to squeeze down it chopped my eyelashes in half! To this day, they have never grown back. I am not much of a debby-downer when it comes to things like this, but my eyelashes are now so short and straight that a great mascara is VERY necessary.

So, after asking some friends who are very much into make-up, as well as the Sephora experts (thank God for them 🙌🏼), I was able to find some awesome items for both the "budget" and "investor" buyer.

I am definitely the kind of shopper that believes "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR", but these are truly very, very comparable items and I hope you find them useful!

Click on the image for a description and link to the item ... happy shopping!

P.S. I am always on the hunt for even better items so would LOVE to know what you enjoy using. Shoot me a message!! :)



I love these products because they offer an all day wear of FULL coverage. They go on easily with a brush or beauty blender. Once on, they leave a smooth, light and almost powdery feel vs the thick and cake-y effects from some foundations.

BONUS: the "invest" item offers SPF! 🙌🏼

Accentuate those Eyes


I have fairly oily skin and need my make-up to last all day long, so these are great because they do not smear. I have had many eyeliners in the past that I put on in the morning and 2 hours later I look in a mirror and it is all over my face...😑. So embarrassing. You will love these two items!

Lucious Lips


As I mentioned, I like for my makeup to last all day long. These two items are both long-wear and truly do last ALL DAY. I have tried several brands/products that cake-up or fade away, but these two are awesome!

Bold Lashes


My lashes need some boosting and these two definitely do the trick... without smearing! They are bold and great all-day wear items.

Rosy Cheeks


Blush makes such a difference in someones look. Who would have thought a little bit of rosy-ness could go so far? These items are light but add great color with several shades to choose from!

Just Add Tan


I try to keep my face covered so it is hard to match my foundation on my face to the rest of my skin. Thankfully, these bronzers help add the pop of tan I need to finish off my make-up for the day.

Until next time! 😘

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