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Fashion Meets Fitness: Triathlon Pt.1

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

I have decided to attempt my first triathlon! During this journey, I have found some gear I really love and am excited to see how it lasts through my first race. You can click on any of the images below for a link to the website.

Stay tuned for more updates as I get closer to race day! 🏊🏼‍♀️🚴🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️

One For All

Most importantly, for me, is having some kind of watch that keeps track of your distance by sport, heart rate, times, etc. It has been extremely helpful when training. I use mine religiously to monitor my heart rate during high intensity segments and cool downs. During the swimming portion, I always lose track of my distance. Having something to keep count for me that I can reference while moving is awesome.

I have used Garmin watches in the past when training for runs and have many friends who use them today in all sports and love them.

My personal favorite is my Apple Watch. It is an all-in-one for me throughout the day. Any version 2+ has the water-resistant setting you can use while swimming AND it keep track of your strokes, avg splits, and distance.

The Swim

I grew up swimming competitively from 5th grade into high school, so have enjoyed getting back into the water. 💦 Getting my lungs back into shape is a lot of work and I am not quite there yet! Swimming can be a pretty isolating and lonely sport because it is just you and the line at the bottom of the pool.

So, I decided to look for some headphones I could wear while swimming to motivate me during training. (Note: headphones are not allowed during the race itself)

I tried numerous pairs that did not work well and really bummed me out. BUT, I finally found an AWESOME pair that I love. The key is to realize bluetooth doesn't work once you hit the water, so an MP3 player is required. This pair is great because they don't go inside your ear, but rather sit on the outside and transmit a very clear sound.

Pedal to the Metal

I have been an off and on cycler at the gym for about 10 years. I have found some classes/instructors I love and some I don't mesh well with, which has effected my consistency. Luckily, I am currently at a gym with some great instructors who not only play some great music to keep me going while providing a challenging ride, but they are also very knowledgeable and helpful with the proper techniques of riding. Technique is incredibly important with all sports including cycling.

Aside from proper technique and being comfortable on the bike, having a pair of cycling cleats truly does provide a more efficient way to transfer energy. I was definitely hesitant to invest and waited awhile before taking the leap, but it is a HUGE benefit.

Due to my love for fashion, I did not want to get a basic hard pair of cycling shoes. I found this brand TIEM that I LOVE. They are super lightweight and feel more like a running shoe vs a cycling shoe ... and they have some awesome colors!

Let's Run

Running is probably ... definitely ... my least favorite of the 3 sports. Bummer for me that it is last! 😂

I tend to get shin splints fairly easily, so having a great pair of running shoes has been something very important to me. The problem with running shoes is that companies always end up discontinuing the shoe you fall in love with a year later and then you're back at square one!

But fear not, I found these awesome, lightweight, comfortable, (no shin splints yet 🙌🏼) shoes that have been continued for several seasons now ... YAY!!

They have some awesome colors. So, if you're like me, you can stock up on a few ... just in case 😉.

The Bag

A great gym bag is CLUTCH to a successful gym session. I have gone through several styles from totes to crossbody bags, but landed on this backpack as my winner so far. First off, I love the look of the bag. It is trendy, but functional.

I have a nearly 2 & 3 year old, so hands free wear is very necessary right now. This bag is so lightweight and spacious. It offers room for my water bottle, swim gear, a change of clothing, diapers for the kiddos, a zipper bottom section for my running or cycling shoes, and several internal pouches for my lock, headphones, gum, wallet, etc. The cinch opening with buckle is also a nice feature for security .... while I am leaning in 10 different directions with my two little crazies I never know what will fall out if I do not have it secured!

Finishing Touches

I am a huge hat fan. I have several I enjoy wearing while working out- specifically this one below. I like the thicker fabric and that it is semi-structured because it tends to stay in one place better than some of the non-structured ones.

Recently, I had some side bangs chopped 💇🏽 (so trendy) and wanted a few more options for keeping them out of my face while working out, so I got this headband which I love. It comes in so many fun colors and stays in place perfectly. I enjoy the thinness because I feel that it offers less pressure keeping me from getting a headache (which some headbands have caused for me in the past), but there are several widths offered if you prefer a wider look.

Until next time! 😘

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